Floor Decals For Social Distancing In Schools

Get social distancing floor decals that are customized with your school mascot from Mascot Junction. We specialize in helping schools use their mascot as a teaching tool. Our social distance floor decals feature a kid-friendly version of your mascot holding its arm out wide to indicate that 6 feet is a safe social distance. We even put a mask on the mascots, if you like. Choose from more than 175 kid-friendly mascots, or have us put yours into the social distance floor decal design.

Social Distance Floor Decals

Use your mascot as the common thread that pulls everything together. It’s a great way to create a highly engaging and inclusive culture. Do you remember what your mascot was when you were in school??? Of course you do! It’s a memory that lasts for a lifetime. Now make sure your students have meaningful memories associated with being part of your mascot’s community. Explore all the ways Mascot Junction can help you use your mascot as a memory hook for your core values. Learn more at mascotjunction.com.