Floor Decals For Social Distancing In Schools

Get social distancing floor decals that are customized with your school mascot from Mascot Junction. We specialize in helping schools use their mascot as a teaching tool. Our social distance floor decals feature a kid-friendly version of your mascot holding its arm out wide to indicate that 6 feet is a safe social distance. We even put a mask on the mascots, if you like. Choose from more than 175 kid-friendly mascots, or have us put yours into the social distance floor decal design.

Social Distance Floor Decals

Use your mascot as the common thread that pulls everything together. It’s a great way to create a highly engaging and inclusive culture. Do you remember what your mascot was when you were in school??? Of course you do! It’s a memory that lasts for a lifetime. Now make sure your students have meaningful memories associated with being part of your mascot’s community. Explore all the ways Mascot Junction can help you use your mascot as a memory hook for your core values. Learn more at mascotjunction.com.

Social Emotional Learning Posters

SEL Social Emotional Learning posters were developed to make identifying emotions quick and easy for students. “Point to how you feel” is a very effective way to cut through emotional clutter and start working through solutions.

SEL Social Emotional Learning Posters with facial expressions

Mascot Junction has more than 160 versions of this Emotional Learning Poster. Each features a different kid-friendly mascot so it integrates into your school culture. Find your mascot and its version of the SEL poster right now at MascotJunction.com.

Social Distance Floor Stickers For Schools

Social distance floor stickers are customized with your school mascot, logo and colors by Mascot Junction. Floor stickers are available for indoor, outdoor and carpeted floors. Choose from three sizes: 7, 10 and 12 inch diameter.

Custom designed social distance floor stickers help retain the inclusive, engaging culture of your school because they feature your school mascot.

These floor stickers are made from top grade commercial quality materials so you get the maximum life out of them. And your maintenance staff will like how they can be removed easily without leaving any adhesive residue behind.

Mascot Junction has more than 160 kid-friendly school mascots, and 15,000 clip art illustrations of them doing school-related activities. We help you use your school mascot to teach core values, positive behaviors, character traits and social emotional learning. Find your mascot at mascotjunction.com and see all the teaching tools available to you.

Virtual Learning Posters

Virtual Learning Posters are available as a free download courtesy of Mascot Junction, Inc. Each poster features a different kid-friendly mascot – more than 160 to choose from! Find your mascot at mascotjunction.com. Here are a few samples:

Teach students best practices for virtual learning with a poster like this.
Teach students the Eagle Way of doing virtual learning with this poster.
Virtual Learning Posters are available as a free download at mascotjunction.com
Virtual Learning tips and expectations are featured on this free download.

Mascot Junction specializes in helping educators leverage their school mascot as a teaching tool for character and positive behavior programs. We have more than 160 kid-friendly mascots and over 15,000 original clip art illustrations in our library that we use to custom design posters, banners and signs for schools. Learn more by finding your mascot at mascotjunction.com.

PBIS Ceiling Banners

Ceiling banners are hung in sequential order, and each one features a different core value, or word from the school’s PBIS acronym, such as ROAR. Each banner is customized to include your words, your theme, your mascot or logo and school colors. Banners are printed on both sides of coroplast, a lightweight corrugated plastic, and feature grommets in the upper corners. Learn more about PBIS ceiling signs at mascotjunction.com.

Ceiling Banners Bobcats PBIS
Ceiling Banners are hung in sequential order and each one features a different core value.

PBIS Banners Design Options

Explore design options for PBIS banners at MascotJunction.com. See examples of matrix, rules, expectations, voice level, acronym and theme banners designed by experts. Each banner is built around your PBIS, or character education program and features a kid-friendly version of your mascot demonstrating targeted behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety and others. Theme banners often contain an acronym like SOAR, ROAR, PAWS or PRIDE.

Posters Banners PBIS Banners Character Education
Ceiling banners give you a way to extend your acronym, or theme, down the hallway as a constant reminder to students of your core values.

Raven Welcome Banner PBIS

PBIS Banners from Mascot Junction feature a kid-friendly version of your school mascot, along with whatever message you want to include. This banner features our Raven mascot. Mascot Junction has more than 120 kid-friendly mascots to choose from. Each has more than 80 illustrations in its clip art sets. Mascot Junction can also work with your existing mascot when custom designing banners, signs and posters for your school.

Raven Banner School PBIS
This Raven Banner tells students what it means to be part of the Raven Community at their school.

PBIS Rules Poster Design & Printing

PBIS rules posters and banners, by Mascot Junction, are customized with YOUR rules, YOUR colors, YOUR PBIS theme and YOUR school mascot. These posters are printed on banner material – 13oz vinyl for added durability. Unlike paper that can tear, even when laminated, this vinyl is extremely tough and will last for years. These posters feature our bobcat mascot, but we have more than 100 other kid-friendly mascots that are perfect for any elementary school with a PBIS program. We also have more “edgy” looking mascot designs and graphics for middle and high schools with positive behavior programs. Learn more at mascotjunction.com

PBIS Rule Posters Bobcat Mascot
PBIS Rules Posters are designed by Mascot Junction. Each is customized with your school’s rules, colors and mascot.

Viking Banners

Get these viking banners customized for your school with YOUR words and YOUR colors. This viking mascot is the foundation for a PBIS Roll Out Kit that includes clip art sets featuring 80 illustrations of the kid-friendly character. We use the illustrations to design rules posters, matrix banners, signs, award certificates, and a wide array of products to help make it mean something special to your students to be part your Viking Community. Learn more about what’s in a PBIS Roll Out Kitâ„¢, the more-than-100 other mascots like the viking at mascotjunction.com.

Viking Mascot Banner PBIS
Viking Mascot Banner for PBIS schools features spot for your message.

Viking PRIDE Banner PBIS
The Viking PRIDE banner is customized with your words, your colors and your mascot.

Wildcats ROAR Banners and Posters

Wildcats ROAR Banner
Wildcats ROAR Banner is customized with your message and school colors.

The wildcats ROAR banner is customized with your message in the banner and with your school colors. Explore the wildcat PBIS Roll Out Kitâ„¢, which includes rules posters, matrix posters, 80 wildcat clip art images, award certificates, gotcha rewards, hallway street signs, safety signs, t-shirts and even a wildcat mascot costume. The Wildcat Roll Out Kit helps build a strong sense of community around being a wildcat. It’s ideal for schools with a PBIS program looking for ways to create a healthy learning culture and climate. Fill your school with positive messages and images. Use your wildcat mascot as a positive behavior role model. The wildcat clip art images feature the wildcat doing activities related to school, sports, holidays, and demonstrating positive behaviors. There is a whole clip art set, of 40 images, dedicated just to positive behavior. You get illustrations of the wildcat demonstrating respect, responsibility, safety, kindness, empathy, leadership, diversity, anti-bullying and more.

All the the posters, banners and signs are customized with your school colors and details from your PBIS matrix and behavior expectations, or rules. Download a Wildcat Catalog and explore all the possibilities at Mascot Junction.