Wildcats ROAR Banners and Posters

Wildcats ROAR Banner
Wildcats ROAR Banner is customized with your message and school colors.

The wildcats ROAR banner is customized with your message in the banner and with your school colors. Explore the wildcat PBIS Roll Out Kit™, which includes rules posters, matrix posters, 80 wildcat clip art images, award certificates, gotcha rewards, hallway street signs, safety signs, t-shirts and even a wildcat mascot costume. The Wildcat Roll Out Kit helps build a strong sense of community around being a wildcat. It’s ideal for schools with a PBIS program looking for ways to create a healthy learning culture and climate. Fill your school with positive messages and images. Use your wildcat mascot as a positive behavior role model. The wildcat clip art images feature the wildcat doing activities related to school, sports, holidays, and demonstrating positive behaviors. There is a whole clip art set, of 40 images, dedicated just to positive behavior. You get illustrations of the wildcat demonstrating respect, responsibility, safety, kindness, empathy, leadership, diversity, anti-bullying and more.

All the the posters, banners and signs are customized with your school colors and details from your PBIS matrix and behavior expectations, or rules. Download a Wildcat Catalog and explore all the possibilities at Mascot Junction.